Vineyard Management & Consulting

Jack Neal & Son offers comprehensive vineyard management services, with an emphasis on organic and biodynamic practices which tailor to each client’s needs. With over 50 years in this fast-paced industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to execute tasks quickly and adapt to each unique vintage.

Our team’s vast knowledge base and experience for consultation include:

  • Existing and Potential Vineyard Land Evaluation
  • Site Specific Varietal, Clone and Rootstock Selection
  • Weather Monitoring and Evaluation
  • PCA Licensed Services (Pest and Disease Management)
  • Improved Cultural Practices recommendations
  • Irrigation Strategies (application and system design)
  • Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis, Interpretation and Application
  • Vineyard Nutrition Program (including Organic and Biodynamic)

Organic & Biodynamic

Jack Neal & Son has championed farming wine grapes organically for over 50 years. We currently farm 90% of the vineyards we manage are certified organic or are within the 3-year transition period to become certified.

Certification is through California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), which provides a comprehensive, reliable and in-depth program that is based on sound, scientific agricultural practices. Our professional vineyard management team has the experience, know-how and passion to foster a vineyard’s transition toward organic farming.

In addition to farming organically, we also specialize in Biodynamic farming practices with certification through Demeter Association, Inc. Biodynamic farming is an extension of organic farming, and must first meet the requirements of the National Organic Program (NOP), such as: no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. In order to certify, biodynamics then takes a more stringent approach to the NOP and presents additional unique requirements.

The details of biodynamic farming do not end here. For more information on Organic & Biodynamic farming, please contact us.

Harvest & Crush

Depending on the vineyard size and personal preference, we are able to equip both harvest hand crews and Pellenc vineyard machine harvesters. For specific harvest dates and requests, please contact us.

Mobile Optical Sorting Service for Wineries

Mark Neal created a mobile Optical Sorting line that is attached to a single flatbed trailer. We provide a convenient, space saving setup for you with experienced JNS operators included.

JNS optical sorting line equipment includes:

  • Pellenc Selectiv’ Process Vision 2 - Precise sorting that is customizable to achieve winemaking goals. Can remove MOG, under-ripe berries, raisins, etc.
  • Pellenc Selectiv’ Process Winery L Destemmer - High frequency de-stemming, efficient and gentle (whole berry); roller sorting table, clean and minimal waste.
  • Pellenc Vibration Sorting Table - Additional point of selection.
  • Generator Included - No need for 3-phase!


Since 1968, JNS, LLC. Transportation Services has been providing transportation services for farmers, grape growers, general contractors, vineyard operations, and wineries throughout the state of California.

JNS, LLC. can transport:

  • barrels
  • bulk wine & juice
  • grapes
  • containers
  • farm and construction equipment
  • stainless steel porta tank rentals
  • & more

GIS & Technology

  • Geographical Data Acquisition
  • Geographical Information Systems Consulting
  • Extensive GIS Database and Large Library of Pre-Existing Mapping Products and Templates
  • Custom Map Production
  • Large-Format Map and Poster Plotting
  • Geographical Tracking of Viticultural and Environmental Phenomena
  • Integrated Vineyard Database Construction
  • Advanced Analysis for Precision Farming

Land Development

  • Permitting
  • Vineyard Development & Removal
  • Land Clearing
  • Deep Ripping, Slip Plowing, Disking, etc.
  • Terracing and Erosion Control
  • Design and Layout
  • Drainage, Irrigation and Frost System Installation
  • Plant Material Sourcing
  • Planting, Budding & Grafting

Farm Labor Contracting

Jack Neal & Son currently farms 1.800 acres throughout Napa Valley and over 30+ clients. We are FLC licensed, year-round, we provide experienced, safe, professional and superior vineyard labor services.